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Sheridan Memorial Visiting Nurse Service

Sheridan Memorial Visiting Nurse Service (VNS) brings a wide range of health care professional services into Sheridan County homes when ordered by a physician from our Rural Health Care Clinic. Most hospital patients want to go home as soon as possible. VNS is a sensible alternative to a long-term stay in the hospital or nursing home when the situation allows. The Visiting Nurse Service home care involves the patient and family and develops a plan of care that meets the patient's needs. Health care in the safety and comfort of the home becomes a reality with our caring staff.


Visiting Nurse Services must be Physician Ordered by one of the Rural Health Clinic Providers at Sheridan Memorial.
Patient must be homebound. Homebound means a normal inability to leave home, requiring a considerable and taxing effort to leave. Absences from home are infrequent, and of short duration or to receive medical care.
Patient must need skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis.


Holistic management of patient care in the home setting includes:

  • Assessment and evaluation of patient's condition;
  • Medication regimen education;
  • Direct patient care including, but not limited to dressing changes, wound and ostomy care, IV therapy, catheter care, and venipuncture;
  • Instruction of patient and family regarding nutrition, disease process, home safety, care procedures and preventive health measures; and
  • Coordination of community resources and appropriate referrals.

Certified Nurses Aides
Provide on a private pay basis; personal care includes bathing, care of skin, hair, nails and mouth. Assist with light housekeeping, laundry and assist with exercise programs as established by a therapist.


Physical Therapy
Available on an outpatient basis. Assesses physical limitations and implements an exercise program to increase strength, gait endurance, and self-sufficiency; assesses ambulation and need for special equipment; implements passive and active exercises and rehabilitation therapy; and instructs patient and family in an exercise program and body mechanics necessary for patient care.

Occupational Therapy
Available on an outpatient basis. Evaluates needs in the areas of activities of daily living and safety; performs home assessments for safety and equipment needs, and gives function-oriented treatment to those with motor, sensory, and cognitive deficits.

Speech Therapy
Available on an outpatient basis. Assesses a patient's rehabilitation needs for speech, communication, and swallowing disorders, and provides treatment; trains patient, family or caregiver to carry out effective exercise programs; and recommends appropriate equipment.


Social Worker
Assists with financial concerns; acts as an advocate with community agencies; assists with long-term goal planning, assists with emotional support with appropriate counseling and referrals; provides education regarding family and patient social or emotional needs; and coordinates discharge planning.

Lifeline is personal emergency response service that allows patients to remain independent in their homes. Home monitors and personal help buttons are available for a low monthly fee.

Private Aide Care
CNA services are provided for patients needing assistance with bathing, personal care, exercise programs, meal preparation, or light housekeeping. There is an hourly charge. Mileage and driving time are charged for out of town visits.

Foot Clinic
Foot clinics are held through the Sheridan Memorial VNS office twice monthly and are available to all Sheridan County residents. Services include a skin assessment, soaking feet, trimming toenails, filing callouses, and massage. Supplies are provided. A nominal fee is charged. Please call 765-3733 for an appointment.

Private Duty Nurse
VNS will provide skilled nursing visits on a private pay basis for patients who are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Skilled services include assessments, diet teaching, dressing changes, medication management, foot care and injections. There is an hourly charge.

Visiting Nurse Service can provide a medical directive for patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness which will immediately alert EMS personnel of a Do Not Resuscitate order. The POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) is a specific and legally binding medical directive. IT is designed for people with a serious illness. The POLST summarizes the wishes of an individual regarding life sustaining treatment. IT is portable from one care setting to another and translates wishes of an individual into actual physician orders. This form also informs Medical Responders whether or not to begin life sustaining treatment. After completing this form with a health care professional, it is sent to your physician for his/her review and signature.


Alzheimer/Dementia Support Group
Please contact Sandy Overgaard at 765-3708 for more information or with questions.

Bereavement Counseling
Individual bereavement counseling is available by calling Sandy Overgaard at 765-3708.


Insurance Physicals
Provides RN assessments for long term care insurance providers and for paramedical services needed to determine eligibility for insurance.

Montana State Compensation Insurance
Provide home health services including nursing care or home-based therapy to those insured and covered by the State Fund for Worker's Compensation claims.

Respite Care
Offers temporary support services of short term living arrangements without cost for eligible Sheridan County residents in order to provide a brief period of rest for family members or other care-givers.
Two sources of respite are available:

  • Certified Nursing Assistants for intermittent care in the recipient's home, and

  • Nursing home or hospital swing-bed department will provide 24 hour in-house nursing and CNA services for up to 3 days per month.


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(406) 765-3735

Karen Sticka, RN
(406) 765.3733
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