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Rehabilitation Services

Rehab Services Provided:

Physical & Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Pelvic Health Therapy
Dry Needling
LSVT Big and Loud Program

Professional Staff:

Leana Kolbeck, OT, Rehab Director
Amber Gunderson, PT
Rachel Howard, DPT, TPS
Jaycie Kavon, DPT
Kelley O'Toole, MS, SLP-CCC

Sheridan Memorial Rehab Department brings a wide range of professional services to Sheridan County residents. When ordered by a physician our Rehab staff will work with you on a Rehabilitation routine that works for you. Staff may work with you in our newly remodeled Rehab suite or may visit your home to help you with your daily routine and assess areas of risk in your home.

Physical Therapy Services:

Pelvic Health Therapy
In-patient Hospital Care
In-patient Nursing Home Care
Out-patient Clinic
Local School Visits
Home Care Visits

Patient Services Include:
Developmentally Delayed Pediatric
Musculoskeletal Injuries

Physical Therapy uses exercises and physical modalities to alleviate pain, recover strength and functional mobility. The Registered Physical Therapist evaluates and establishes the Patients program with the Physical Therapist Assistant implementing the regiment. The RPT re-assesses progress and possible problem areas at regular intervals. Again, team work at it's best.

Occupational Therapy Services:


Areas Include:
Inpatient Hospital
Long Term Care Recovery
Outpatient Hospital
Telehealth (Speech Only)

As a part of the rehabilitation team, the Occupational Therapist's role is to focus on a patient's ability to perform self care tasks (dressing, grooming, handwriting, etc.) and may include the use of special equipment or modification of a task to accommodate a specific limitation. The tasks we retrain vary with the age and disability of the individual but the goal remains constant - to maximize the level of independence.

Speech Therapy Services:

LSVT Big and Loud Program
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