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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Emergency Medical Services

"Providing a Circle of Care"

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association provides around-the-clock emergency response throughout Sheridan County through its EMS Department. It is staffed by highly-trained professionals functioning as mixed full-time and volunteer staff that are available at a moment's notice to respond to the emergency needs of the ill or injured. All EMS personnel dedicate many hours of training both in continuing education and refresher courses to bring the best of care to all patients. The EMS staff ranges from Emergency Medical Responders (previously First Responder) to Emergency Medical Technicians and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians. All EMS staff are licensed to practice in Montana and nationally registered to provide emergency care.

Sheridan Memorial EMS has three ambulances based in Plentywood, a non-transport Quick Response unit in Westby and a non-transport Quick Response unit in Medicine Lake. Sheridan Memorial EMS schedules a full primary and secondary crew in Plentywood to respond to emergencies by ambulance 24/7. Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association Board strives to maintain the latest in technology and equipment to provide this vital emergency service to Sheridan County. In 2005 they purchased a new ambulance and upgraded the Westby Quick Response vehicle.

Besides responding to emergent situations, Sheridan Memorial EMS is also available on a 24/7 basis to provide transport when patients need to be transferred to another facility for further evaluation or treatment. Other services provided by the EMS Department include public education in injury prevention, CPR, and first aid. The EMS Department is responsible for providing professional training at the Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician levels to prepare individuals to work in the EMS field both as new and ongoing EMS providers. Sheridan Memorial EMS works closely with other emergency entities in Sheridan County in order to insure an inter-disciplinary response when needed. Those entities include city and county law enforcement, fire departments, and border patrol.

Sheridan Memorial EMS is proud to be able to extend into the community of Sheridan County the quality of care that Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association is renowned for. The EMS Department strives to provide optimal customer service with the highest of professionalism and competency in our delivery of patient care.
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