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Sheridan Memorial Lifeline Services

Whether you have limited mobility or other physical challenges Lifeline's services can help support your independence. The Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service can help you get assistance in case of a fall, medical or other urgent situation in your home.

Lifeline is the first medical alert pendant that can call for you when you can't call for yourself.

With Lifeline's 24-hour a day, 365 days a year personal response service, help is just seconds away. When you press your button a certified Lifeline monitor responds, assesses the situation and summons the appropriate help, whether it's a neighbor, relative or ambulance. With Lifeline, help is assured.


Lifeline is NOT just for medical emergencies. The service also allows you to:
Answer the phone without having to rush to grab a handset and risk falling
Maintains your peace of mind knowing help is just the press-of-a-button away
Enjoy a stronger sense of well-being
Lifeline is the first medical alert service that is FDA approved.

This is your life and you want to continue to live it the way you want in the comfort of your home. Life is unpredictable and an unexpected fall or medical emergency could threaten your future health and independence if help is delayed. Lifeline may help you live independently longer and more safely in your home surrounded by the memories of your lifetime.

Sheridan Memorial has been serving the needs of our community for OVER 20 years with a state-of-the-art personal response system. During that time we have served on average 35 subscribers per year in our community.


1. Summon Help: Simply push your Lifeline Help Button or activate your assistive technology switch at any time to connect to the 24/7 Response Center.
If you have the Lifeline with AutoAlert option, you'll get an added layer of protection, as your AutoAlert Help Button can automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your button. As with our standard service, you can also always push the AutoAlert Help Button at any time.

2. Hear a Reassuring Voice: A Lifeline Response Associate will greet you, access your profile and assess the situation.
The sophisticated monitoring technology can direct your call to a Lifeline Response Associate who speaks your language or who is trained on the TTY service to assist people with hearing impairment.

3. Know Help is On the Way: The Associate will contact a neighbor, loved one, or emergency services based on your specific needs, and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived. Any critical medical information included in your Lifeline profile will be passed along by the Response Associate to the person assisting you.

Ask Sheridan Memorial for more details on this valuable service.

Our Standard Service includes your choice of a pendant or wrist-style help button. When help is needed, simply push the button at any time.

With Standard Service you have the choice of a Slimline Personal Help Button or the Classic Pendant Personal Help Button.

Lifeline with AutoAlert provides an added layer of protection that can automatically call for help if a fall is detected even if you can't push your button because you are disoriented, immobilized or unconscious. This enhanced service option can provide even greater peace of mind and confidence.

Hours and Contact Information

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (406) 765.3735
Fax: (406) 765.2603
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