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Sheridan Memorial Business Office

Billing Information

  • We may only discuss your financial account with you, the patient and the guarantor of those under 18. If you would like to allow others (i.e. spouse/guardian/family/friend) to discuss your financial bills with us you must complete this form and return to Sheridan Memorial Billing Staff.
  • Please be sure you present your Insurance cards and a form of ID at every visit. This will aid in expediting your claim.
  • After your visit at Sheridan Memorial Hospital or clinic a bill may be generated within 3 business days. This is pending any late charges due to testing or results.
  • A Statement will be generated and sent to you while your account is pending insurance payment. Please pay close attention to the "Amount Due" area on your statement as you may receive a statement and not owe anything at that time.
  • Statements are sent to patients when their account is in Self Pay. The amount reflected on the Statement is the final amount owed by the patient unless otherwise indicated.
  • Statements are printed by the 5th of every month and should be received no later than the 10th of every month.
  • Payments are due by the 5th of every month.
  • Nursing Home payments in full are due by the 10th of every month. If you need a detailed copy of your Nursing Home stay for your long-term care insurance, please let us know and we will get you on the mailing list.
  • Within thirty days of the receipt of your initial bill you must make payment in full, set up a payment agreement and/or apply for financial assistance.

Payment Options

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association offers three payment options:
Payment in Full
SMHA Payment Agreement
SMHA Credit Care Loan

If one of the three payment options are not complied with Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association will take further collection action.
Payment in Full:
If you opt to pay your account in full you may qualify for a small discount depending on the amount and timeliness. Not everyone may qualify. Please contact us!

Collection Services

Sheridan Memorial Hospital sends statements out to our patients using the address in our database. If, after three months of statements being sent, a payment agreement has not been established or payment in full has not been received, further collection action is taken.

Sheridan Memorial uses one collection agency:
Centron Services
2525 Colonial Drive Ste C
Helena, MT 59624

Once the account is sent off to collections, patients will receive a notice that they are in a 30 day pre-collect. If payment is received in full with-in that 30 days, Sheridan Memorial will be able to pull that account back from the collection agency and the patient's credit will not be effected.

If payment in full is not received during that 30 day pre-collect the account is no longer in control of Sheridan Memorial and all financial transactions and correspondence must be done through the assigned collection agency.

Financial Assistance

* Financial Assistance Form
* Financial Assistance Policy
* Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary
* SMHA Sliding Fee Scale Sheridan Memorial Sliding Fee scale is updated on an annual basis based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines from the Federal Register.

  • This Financial Assistance application applies to all providers providing services on behalf of Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association to patients presenting to Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association to include, but not limited to: emergency care, medically necessary care in the hospital or clinic etc.
  • A list of our providers can be found HERE
  • Financial Assistance application is available at the Admissions or Business Offices or can be mailed to you at no expense of the patient.
  • It is requested that financial assistance be applied for within 30 days of initial receipt of bill.
  • Assistance is based on a list of financial criteria requested in the assistance application. A Financial Assistance Rep will contact you if additional information is required to process your application.
  • Financial Assistance may go retro 240 days from receipt of the complete application. All required information must be turned in in a timely fashion or assistance will be denied.
  • Prior qualification of funding does not guarantee you will receive funding again.

Credit Care Program

  • Credit Care Program is a line of credit Sheridan Memorial has applied for through the Bank of Plentywood.
  • All patients can apply for the program. It's as simple as stopping by the Business Office, providing two forms of identification and signing a few papers.
  • Credit Care may not be applied for if a person was final noticed or sent to collections.
  • Credit Care allows patients to extend their monthly payments further than Sheridan Memorial payment schedule allows.
  • Minimum monthly payment is $25.00
  • Interest is applied to Credit Care Program accounts.
  • There is a $25.00 activation fee.
  • Monthly statements are sent by the Financial Institution rather than Sheridan Memorial.
  • Payments are sent directly to the Financial Institution. There is a $5.00 late charge for payments over 10 days past due.
  • Credit Care Program does not look at the patient's credit history; however, payments are reported to the Credit Bureau.

Payment Agreement

Sheridan Memorial payment agreement must be set up in accordance to our Payment Agreement Schedule. This allows you to keep your account with SMHA interest free anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. Payment Schedule is based on amount owed to Sheridan Memorial.

Detailed Statements

Sheridan Memorial sends statements out to patients by the 15th of every month. These statements show a summary of each visit. It includes the date of service, the type of visit, the provider, amount billed and amount owed. Detailed Statements are available at the request of the patient. These statements will allow for the patient to better understand the total amount billed. Contact Sheridan Memorial Billing Clerk at (406) 765.3700 to request a detailed bill.
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