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Mobile MRI

To provide our community with convenient care, close to home, Sheridan Memorial has contracted with Northland Imaging Services out of Bismarck, North Dakota to bring Mobile MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) services to our area.

The MRI truck comes to Sheridan Memorial every other Tuesday to provide a service that Sheridan Memorial would not be able to provide on its own. The truck was recently updated with equipment that allows for faster, higher quality scans. It also has a larger "bore" (the cylinder area that they slide the patient in to). This allows more space for the patient to get comfortable, for a large array of patient sizes and morbidities as well as helps reduce patient anxiety, movement and claustrophobia due to the "roomier" area.

MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic technique, reading images of the body by using magnets and pulses of radio waves to manipulate the natural magnetic properties of the body. MRI is useful in the imaging of brain, spine, soft tissue joints and interior structures of bones. A Registered Radiologic Technologist will be doing your exam.

You can have your MRI scheduled at Sheridan Memorial by calling the Radiology department at (406) 765-3739.
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