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LSVT Big and LOUD Program

What is LOUD? LOUD is a speech therapy treatment program that strengthens the volume and quality of a patient's voice. It is typically recommended for patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but can be used for patients with other neurological deficits and with pediatric patients who qualify.

LOUD helps patients with Parkinson's who speak in a hushed voice. Parkinson's patients lose the ability to sense their voice volume over time, so they believe they are speaking at a normal volume when in reality, most people cannot hear them. People with Parkinson's often complain that their spouse needs hearing aids (but it is just that they are speaking too softly).

LOUD can also help with other speech issues as well as swallowing difficulties for some patients. LOUD is like a speech therapy boot camp; it lasts four weeks but has proven long-term effects.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital is the only facility in Northeastern Montana that has a LOUD Certified Clinician. If you would like more information on LOUD, please contact Kelley O'Toole, MS, CF-SLP at 406-756-3725.

She is happy to talk LOUD with you.
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