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As part of our mission to provide excellent healthcare services, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association (SMHA) is committed to compliance with all laws and regulatory standards. Honesty and ethical business practices are an important value to us. Thus, compliance with the law and all SMHA policies, rules and regulations is the responsibility of every employee.
Employees, patients and visitors are strongly encouraged to report any concerns and any compliance violations (actual or potential) to their supervisor, the Compliance Officer, or the Chief Executive Officer.

Compliance Officer: Laura Rusbult 406-765-3711
Chief Executive Officer: Kody Nelson 406-765-3700

Employees, patients and visitors may also report concerns or violations anonymously through a Hotline which has been established with the Montana Health Network. Reports to the Hotline can only be accessed by the Montana Health Network Compliance Officer to ensure confidentiality. SMHA's compliance officer will be notified of any concern and will be asked to review and investigate.

Compliance Hotline: 1-877-650-8048

In addition, employees may complete and submit a written Incident Report form or Grievance form. A copy of this form may be obtained from department managers as well as Human Resources. All reports, verbal or written, will be investigated and appropriate action taken. SMHA prohibits any retaliation against or harassment of an employee who has reported suspected wrongdoing.

MHA Compliance Brochure
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