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Digital Transfers of Images Capability

It's exciting, new medical advancements are indeed happening. Imagine yourself in the Emergency Room, you need xrays or a CT, for the diagnosis to your illness. Moments after your exam is completed the Radiology staff have the capability of digitizing the xray images or transferring the digital images to the Radiologist 85 miles away. A definate diagnosis can be established between the interpreting and attending Physician. This speeds the flow of information needed for the best patient care.

Radworks Station

The GE Radworks System was installed May 2003. This new transfer process has improved the way Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association delivers health care to the patients of our community and surrounding areas.
Plain films are transformed to the Lumi scan digitizer. Cat Scan and Ultrasound are sent to the Radworks as digital images. The digital images can then be sent to Williston Consultants or Deaconess Billings Hospital.

We aquired this equipment through a grant process at no cost to us when we made a commitment, along with other Eastern Montana Hospitals, to Billings Clinic. Billings aquired a PACS (Picture Archiving Communications System) and we have the equipment that can transfer to this system. Although we do not use the PACS with Billings, we have the capability of sending images to Billings Clinic for referrrals and consultations with their specialists.

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