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Computed Tomography Services

Virtual Colonoscopy
Full Body Scans
Head - Facial
Soft Tissue Neck
High Resolution Chest
Pulmonary Embolism Studies
Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity
Abdomen / Pelvis
Renal Protocol
CT Biopsy Capabilities
CT Angiography
Vitrea 2 Workstation

Computed Tomography is the use of x-rays with the latest computer technology. The Toshiba 80 slice is used by this facility to create cross-sectional images of your body. You will simply lie on the table as it inches its way through the gantry. The x-ray beams spiral around your body capturing slices that a computer reconstructs into a completed image. This allows for detailed examinations ending in a definite diagnosis. As a result CT is an ideal way to accurately view the size, shape and position of soft tissue structures.

Virtual Colonoscopy

This is a new, non-invasive method of examining the colon. The procedure screens for pre-cancerous polyps and early cancer without the discomfort of a scope. It is a quick, pain-free alternative to the traditional colonoscopy. The actual exam takes just seconds as you lie on the slow moving CT table with the tube rotating in the gantry around you. Preparations the day before the exam consist of a low residual diet, tagging dye for the remaining stool in the colon, a mag citrate solution and dulcolax tablets. Air is inflated into the colon through a catheter system and a prone and supine CT is aquired. The Radiologist then reads the study on the Vitrea 2 Workstation.

Full Body Scanning

With the advancement of modern technology, Computed Tomography has the capability of capturing your health from the inside out., revealing nodules in your lungs and looks for potential tumors in your Abdomen, Pelvis, Head and Neck areas. The spine can be evaluated for degenerative changes and osteoporosis. This simple procedure is accomplished in a matter of minutes. You will be asked to remove metal objects, be positioned comfortably on the scan table and in a matter of seconds the CT will acquire the images needed for evaluation. This is a non-invasive procedure that includes no fasting or injection of contrast media.

Vitrea 2 Workstation

Many subtle fractures and soft tissue masses can be better visualized with the multi-slice reformatting of images. The Vitrea 2 Workstation gives the interpreting physicians a 2-D and 3-D capability. With this advantage, definite diagnosis can be obtained. The uses of the workstation are unremarkable at this time. Many new uses are being sought and transformed into useful procedures.

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